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April Goals

Apr 3, 2017
Hey guys! Long time no see- there has been a LOT going on in my life recently- some good and some bad. My favorite good thing is the birth of my nephew Brock Marcus on January 14th. He is absolutely the cutest little guy,

I wanted to share some goals that I have for April on the blog today! I finally feel as if I'm ready to get back into a routine after the craziness of the last couple months. So hopefully that will all go as planned and you'll be seeing a lot more of me here and on Instagram. Some of my goals include:

Turn 22! April 9th is my 22nd birthday!

Perform in our Easter Cantata at church- I'm singing and playing the angel at the tomb

Host my first book club meeting

Start training for my new job (!!!!) Whoo-hooo!!

Host a clothing swap at my house

Get a mani/pedi

Catch up on laundry

Go out for brunch with friends

Make Easter eggs

Start making healthier food choices

What are some of your goals for April? Do you have any big plans for Easter?

New Year, New Smile with Smile Brilliant

Jan 12, 2017
Teeth Whitening Reviews 

Okay so we've all probably seen the commercials on TV doing the tissue test against your teeth, right? I've done the tissue test and I was NOT pleased with my results well cue Smile Brilliant. I had heard of this company before from another blogger's review on her website (currently down will link when it is available) and I was intrigued immeadiatly. The whole premise of their whitening system was different than anything I had seen before- especially the desensitizing gel. As someone who has had great dental hygiene but a cavity prone mouth (boo!) I have always had super sensitive teeth. Like I can't eat anything sugary/gummy because it just gets stuck and there is intense pain. So no Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Starbursts, Gummy bears, etc. yeah it gets old real fast because I love most of those. So one of the reasons I have never tried any type of whitening system or toothpaste for that matter is because I have sensitive teeth and I have always been told that whitening will make them even more sensitive. Uh, no thank you!

I should probably mention now that I am a HUGE coffee drinker so of course another strike against my teeth! I only drink decaf because I can't have caffeine but, that actually makes me drink more since it is a beverage I can actually have. So of course there is always a little coffee staining on my teeth when I go to the dentist. My hygienist is wonderful and always gets it off but it still leaves me wanting more for my teeth.

Smile Brilliant's system works like this: They send you a whitening kit full of the whitening gel and the desensitizing gel along with large trays with 3 sets of putty to make your custom fit trays. So right there, they make this more personalized to you unlike other whitening systems. The kit comes with detailed instructions so making mistakes are not likely which is perfect for someone like me who is a perfectionist (owning it!). You follow the instructions and take molds of your teeth, and after they are dry & hard you just place them in the prepaid envelope and send them back to the company. Within a week, your own custom-fitted, clear whitening trays are at your house and you're ready to start whitening!

You start by brushing your teeth and making sure your trays are clean and dry. Next, you place a line of the whitening gel inside each tray and place them in your mouth. Set a timer and keep them in for anywhere between 45 minutes - 3 hours! Be sure to clean off any whitening gel from your gums as sometimes it will burn a little (super normal- goes away as soon as you wipe it off). After you're done whitening, clean, rinse, and dry the trays again and repeat the process with the desensitizing gel but only keep it in for 15-30 minutes. Don't rinse your mouth after or eat/drink for at least 30 minutes and you're good! There are full, detailed instructions included, like I said, so you won't be in the dark or guessing on what to do.

I loved how my teeth looked and felt when I was done with my whitening session! I could visibly see them get whiter after one session in my case (it may take a few before you start seeing results for others) but I didn't quit after just one and won't quit anytime soon! While I didn't have drastic results I can see that they are brighter and just not as "dingy". Here are my before pictures:

And here are my after:

On top of their brilliant whitening system (pun intended), their customer service is second to none! If I had a question it was answered almost immeadiatly and fully. They were a pleasure to work with and I felt like they truly cared about each of their customers which is amazing in this day and age!

Oh and did I mention that there is a GIVEAWAY!? Smile Brilliant has graciously offered a giveaway to The Rose Garden Blog readers! Which hello, is awesome! All you have to do is click here and enter! No purchase necessary or anything like that!

If you want to purchase their whitening system you can also use the code: rosegarden for 5% off! Whoohoo!

So let me ask you, what are white teeth worth to you? Have you ever thought about trying a whitening system?

This post was sponsored by Smile Brillant. All opinions and thoughts are my own. They provided a whitening system in return for an honest review. If you choose to use the coupon code, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

2017 Resolutions

Jan 5, 2017

I can't believe we are already 5 days into 2017! Like seriously, wasn't NYE like yesterday?! I feel like I'm a little late to the party getting my new year's resolutions out but you know what? I'm not going to worry about it! My theme for this year is going to be let it go! I'm usually very uptight and anxious but, I'm trying to just let go and not let things bother me. So if you see #letitgo you know what it means!

I have big plans- nope, goals- for 2017 and these goals are something that I will achieve! They are attainable and some things that I've wanted to do for years. This will be the year that I am a #goaldigger!

This IS the year that I:

Let things go and let God take over- I will NOT let anxiety rule my life!

Choose happiness when I have the option of pouting/sulking

Make healthier decisions when I have the choice- maybe choosing the salad over the burger

Move more tomorrow than I did today- no more just sitting on the couch all day doing whatever

Invest in myself and what I'm passionate about

Make lasting friendships and commit to them

Let go of anyone who makes me feel inferior or small

Seek counsel when I feel lost so I don't stay in a low place for too long

Be present with the ones I love and make them a priority

Rejoice in the small blessings/wins/things

Do I think I will be perfect? Oh no, never, but I am going to do my absolute best and I'm going to #ownit when I fail! If I can still laugh at myself then things are always looking up.

What are some of the goals that you want to reach in 2017? I would love to hear them and keep you on track if you help me too!

I also want to share my 2017 bucket list with y'all! I was able to accomplish quite a few things on my bucket list last year and I loved making one for this year. If you haven't made one yet I encourage you to quickly! It helps you plan your months out when you know you want to accomplish new or old (!) things. My bucket list is always growing but I choose things that I know are attainable for the year- like traveling to one or two places but not traveling across the world 6 times (even though I would LOVE to do that, Germany and Poland are calling my name)!

Become an aunt (!!!!!!) only a couple more weeks until Baby Brock is here! EEEEK!
Learn how to crochet
Own Urban Decay Naked 1 & 2 palettes- my mom bought me 3 for my 21st birthday!
Do a 5K
Go to a drive in movie
Create a family cookbook (maybe even publish it?!)
Continue making the scrapbook of Nathan and I's relationship
Learn how to play poker
Read 25 books - maybe some of the ones I didn't finish from the summer
Go to at least 2 blogging events
Attend both the Spring and Fall KC Fashion weeks
See at least 4 movies in the theater
Take a weekend trip
Ride in a horse & carriage
Do a professional photo shoot
Go outlet shopping
Visit Branson with Nathan - we've both been separately, just not together
Go to Ohio for one of my childhood friend's wedding & coordinate it!
Attend a women's conference
See Newsies in the movie theater- happening in February! I saw it on Broadway in NYC in 2012!
Attend a cooking class
Take a craft class at Michael's for fun
At least 2 social painting classes
Start new traditions with Nathan and our families
Learn how to use Lightroom- yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm a blogger who doesn't use Lightroom yet but I'm fixing that!
Witness a total solar eclipse- happening this summer! About 10 minutes north of my house is the perfect viewing location!
Renew my CPR certification and get my BLS certification
Go to (Oklahoma) Joe's BBQ in KC
Take Nathan to The Roasterie Coffee
Attend a KC Royals game with Nathan
Carve a tree with our initials
Go to the Henry-Doorly Zoo in Omaha, NE
Explore the Pinnacles right outside of Columbia
Play catch- I used to play softball when I was younger (plus a co-ed team last spring) and I LOVE playing catch!
Go on a Starbucks date
Eat at Cafe Verona- we've been twice- my senior homecoming and his senior prom, 2 years apart!
Group date night at Dave & Buster's
Take Nathan to Smokin' Guns BBQ in NKC
Complete a Bible Study with friends
And finally... fall in love a little bit more everyday

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