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Birthday celebrations

Apr 11, 2014
This past Wednesday, April 9, I turned 19!
I mean I don't feel any older at all but it was a special day. I went to class as normal, finished all my work that I needed to do, and then like any sane normal person I went to Starbucks for my free birthday drink!

Mmmmm my Venti Decaf White Chocolate Mocha was gooood...
I had a day to do nothing but relax and it was nice. My lovely boyfriend surprised me by stopping by with presents and my mom brought home a cookie cake. I absolutely love all of my gifts! This camera is one of them, so I can start taking a lot better quality photos than just my phone. 

When I went back to school that night I found this on my bed from one of my awesome suitemates, Cie'ra. The flowers smell amazing! My roommate, Rachal, had something very similar in the living room the next morning. She had got back to school after I had and didn't want to wake me. I am so thankful for these ladies! I love their friendship and their hearts! 

To make this week even better, Nathan won 1st place at the St. Joe's Got Talent competition last night! He played and sang one of his own songs and he rocked it! I am one proud girlfriend!

Look how cute we are in our matching Disney shirts, all thanks to him I might add. He bought his in Disney World and then gave me mine for my birthday!

Nathan and I have prom tomorrow so expect A LOT of pictures! 

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