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Blood drive

Apr 2, 2014
Today my school had a blood drive through the Red Cross and it was sponsored by the Pre-Medical Organization which I am a proud member of.

Even though it was really rainy and dreary today, we still had a great turnout for the drive. We had the bloodmobile set up outside the Underground Lobby (Park's Campus) and a recovery station set up inside. We received donations of fruit and snacks from surrounding grocery stores and we picked up some Panera Bread bagels for the donors to eat afterwards.

The blood drive was a success! We had all of the spots fill up in record time when we first sent out the registration email. We also had a good number of walk-ins today who wanted to donate blood. The nurses had to turn some people away because they were swamped!

I am not able to give blood, because I don't have enough of it so I worked the recovery station with some other members of the organization. All in all, it turned out to be a very good day!

Have you ever donated blood?


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  1. Good for you for being a part of it!!


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