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Prom 2014

Apr 21, 2014
Happy Monday y'all!
I didn't get a chance to post about prom last week as I left all my pictures at my house! 
So here we go! We had a great time at prom a couple weekends ago. Nathan and I went with two of his friends from school and we had a blast. 

For dinner we went to the Fuji Japanese Steakhouse in Liberty, I love watching them cook your food right in front of you. Nathan's friends had never been before so it was a nice surprise for them.  
Bob, our chef, even threw shrimp at us to catch in our mouths! Yes, even in our fancy attire. 

We headed to prom and did some dancing, sitting, and mingling. The DJ wasn't the greatest so we didn't dance as much as we would have liked to. He just didn't play very good dancing songs. After Prom was very long, or at least felt very long. They had hamster balls to get in and roll around the floor along with funnel cakes, candy, games, and some food. We had to stay the entire time and boy was I tired. Getting up for church at 7:45 am was rough I tell you. Rough. 

We took pictures at Nathan's house and here are some of my favorites! It was VERY windy that day so my hair went a bit crazy at times.

I loved the back of my dress!

All in all I had a really nice time and I can't wait for our next dance which is homecoming this fall. Our very last homecoming. 

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  1. Love the color and back of your dress! Hope you had fun!!


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