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Life lately

May 14, 2014
Life around here has been craaaazzzyyyy y'all!
I had the week before finals  to complete 3 papers, 1 project, and 3 tests, and then have finals the next week! After I finished finals, I moved back home and I have been trying to unpack, clean, and organize everything! Can you say stressed?! Overwhelmed?!  I haven't re-decorated my room since I was 12 so it is definitely time to re-do that too! Be prepared for many pictures and updates on that! I hope to be much more active now since I am out of school for the summer! Yay! 
Here are 4 things that have been going on in my life lately!

1. Nathan had State Solo/Ensemble Music Contest at Mizzou! He received a 1 rating (the highest you can get) on his vocal solo, a 2 on his timpani solo, and a 2 in his mixed vocal quartet. I am one proud girlfriend! :) 

2. I've been running since the beginning of April with my friend Moira, training for the Color Run, which is May 31st! We ran in this beautiful nature sanctuary last week and this was one of my favorite spots. 

3. Nathan's little brother had his birthday and during his party they had a GIANT bonfire! Nathan made torches for some of the boys (all with parental supervision and being completely safe) and for us! It was really fun actually. 

4. Mother's day was nice at my house. I helped my mom plant flowers and clean part of the house. My brother, John, invited us and my sister-in-law's family over for a cookout later that evening. The food was great and we ended up playing Hedbanz and Apples to Apples later in the evening. Everyone had a great time just being together. Here is a lovely picture of John's German Shepherd puppy, Sasha, "kissing" me. She is adorable but please no more puppy kisses!

Life has been great recently! What has been going on in your life lately?
2 comments on "Life lately"
  1. You have been so busy lately! Wherever you were running is GORGEOUS! Have fun doing the color run!!

  2. You have had a lot on your plate and have been doing a lot of fun stuff! I bet it feels so good to be done with school for the summer. That's what I miss most about being in school--summer vacation:) Doing the color run sounds like a blast! Can't wait to see pictures:) Hope you're having a great day!


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