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Color Run 2014

Jun 3, 2014
Happy Tuesday Y'all!

This Saturday was so much fun! I participated in the Color Run along with my mom (Rosa), Nathan, my sister-in-law (Molley), her mom (Gale), and my running buddy/friend from school Moira. Moira and I started doing the Couch-to-5K running plan at the beginning of April. It was a LOT harder to do it by myself after we moved back home when school was done! I only ran once in two weeks which killed me trying to run the Color Run. We didn't run all of it, but we did run some. We were more focused on having fun and enjoying the experience. It really is the happiest 5K on Earth! We all plan on doing it again next year! 

Now for all the pictures! 
(from left to right: Gale, Rosa, Molley, Moira, Jenna, Nathan)


 After yellow and purple

After blue...

Now add some pink!

We did it! Color Run complete!!

The after picture of all of us!

How many of you have done something like this? We loved it and are doing it again next year!
5 comments on "Color Run 2014"
  1. Love the color run, I've done it twice now! Just wanted to invite you to check out my Stella and Dot giveaway on my blog currently! :)

  2. Isn't it great!? Thanks for the invite!

  3. That is so fun!! I had a couple friends do it this year and it looked like such a great time!!

  4. This looks like a BLAST!!! So glad you guys had fun! These pictures are great:)

  5. adorable pictures, I have always wanted to do the color run.


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