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Pottery Painting

Jun 20, 2014
Happy Friday everyone!

Two weeks ago we got a group of people together and went to a place called the Ceramic Cafe
to paint some pottery! It was sooooo fun! We were able to pick out the item we wanted to paint, pick and choose which colors we wanted, and then just get started! 

After we were done we had to wait a week for the Ceramic Cafe to fire our projects and get them ready for us. We were all super excited to see what our final projects would look like! 

Here are the after pictures :) (excuse the quality of the photos, phone pictures and we were excited)

My mom made this lovely travel mug with our family tree on it as well as these adorable measuring cups.

Our friend Katie made this bowl and measuring spoons and her awesome boyfriend, Lucas, made these awesome banks. 

Nathan's family (minus his dad) had also joined us and they made some pretty awesome things. His sister, Whitnee, made a travel mug for her dad for Father's Day. His little brother, Spencer, made a jar and his mom made a plate. Nathan had made a vase and he painted the frog that is sitting on the plate.


This past Christmas Nathan and I had made each other mugs using Sharpies, but they started to rub off even thought we baked them and everything! So we decided to recreate the mugs!

I had also made a bowl to put all my rings in.

We had so much fun painting and we are going to go back sometime very soon! I highly recommend that you do this someday! Have you ever done anything like this before? We want to try a regular painting class soon.

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  1. I always think stuff like this looks so fun! Although yours looks way better than mine ever would! haha


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