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Exploring Vermilion

Jul 3, 2014
Happy Thursday lovelies!
I am having such a great time in Ohio visiting and having fun with my family!! My grandparents live in Vermilion, Ohio and it is a "Small Town on a Great Lake" as it is on Lake Erie. I love being by the lake, it brings back so many memories! 

Yesterday my mom, my cousins Sarah and Hannah, and I went to the historic downtown of Vermilion to do a little shopping and I just knew that I had to share it with all of you! It is so cute!

This is my favorite candle store, their candles are simply amazing! I always come here and stock up whenever I can!

This is us (Hannah, Me, Sarah) outside of our favorite candy and chocolate store. Brummer's Chocolates are a must every time I come back!

This is a Lemon-Lime Phosphate Soda from the Soda Grill that has been in Vermilion for almost 100 years! 

Vermilion is sooo pretty and I just wanted to share a little slice of one of my favorite places! 
What is one of your favorite places?

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  1. You are gorgeous! I love that color on you! This place looks adorable. I love those small town shopping areas that have all that history and charm. I can see why it's one of your favorite places:)


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