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Friends, Food, & Football

Sep 2, 2014
Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone's Labor Day was great! I had a fun time at a neighborhood block party with lots and lots of shaved ice! YUM!

In our house, football is THE sport. So it is only fitting that my dad is the Commissioner of a Fantasy Football league in our town! We have a big football draft every year with a lot of friends, food, and of course football! I am our acting Secretary and I help run the draft with my dad and Nathan. It is a lot of fun and it is a great experience for everyone!

We have this awesome program that we use for the draft! The teams are at the top of the screen in white and then it goes in draft order for them to pick players. Each type of player is color coordinated. Red = quarterbacks, Blue = running-backs, Green = wide receivers,Purple = tight ends, Yellow = kickers, and Gray = defenses. It is ran off a computer and we broadcast it onto both TVs that we have downstairs. This way every team member can see their own team and everyone else's team so they don't try to pick a player that has already been taken. This program is a life saver for the people who don't pay attention every round.

I hope everyone is having a great week! What is your favorite sport!?

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