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5 on Friday | First Volume

Jan 16, 2015
Happy Friday y'all! 

Today I'm trying my first 5 on Friday!

ONE | Karissa's Baby Shower

I went to a dear friend's baby shower on Sunday afternoon and it was SO cute! Her mom and mother-in-law planned it, and it was adorable. There were brown and pink owls everywhere! Baby Lillian will be such a spoiled girl! Can't wait 'til she gets here next month!

TWO | School

School started this week and I am already getting back in to a routine. I am loving my classes and I have a feeling this semester will go well! AND it helps that my professor brings her pug puppy, Euri, to two of my classes and he sits on my lap (I had no idea my friend Sara snapped that picture of me lol)! 

THREE | Ohio State University

My Buckeyes won the National Championship this past Monday and it was such a great game! So proud of those boys!

FOUR | Cabaret Nights

Nathan is in a show choir and they have a show every January where they sing solos, duets, group songs and then the choir does their whole competition routine! It is always so good! So tonight and tomorrow I will be at the show!

FIVE | Favorite Pin of the Week

I really want a pair of these in my life, they are just so FUN! 

Thank you to all the wonderful hosts April, Darci, Natasha, and Christina!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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  1. YES! I feel the same way about the sparkly leggings! :)


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