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Christmas Delight

Jan 7, 2015
Good Morning lovelies!

Hope everyone's first full week of 2015 is turning out nicely!

I was seriously spoiled this Christmas by my loved ones. God has just poured out his blessings on me this holiday season. I was able to host a couple parties, have more than 3 Christmases, and travel to Ohio to spend quality time with my family. Looking back on the past 3 weeks, I can honestly say I am so blessed and but I am so worn out! Whew! I am ready to be back in a routine but, I am enjoying my last week of break before I start my spring semester next Monday.

 I just wanted to share some of my favorite things (I loved everything and it was really hard choosing) that I received. Also, I really really just wanted to have my mom take new pictures of me for the blog. I will be changing my name of the blog sometime later this month with a full makeover so stay tuned!!

First off my parents bought me a pearl necklace and bracelet. I've been wanting a set of real pearls for a while now and it was a great surprise. The green coat I am wearing is a Michael Kors' and it was purchased for $40! YES! You heard me right! $40! It was originally $210 and it was at the store Ross Dress for Less...which is kind of like TJMaxx for those of you who don't have them. It was there for $80 and I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much even if it was Michael Kors. I went back a couple weeks later and it was on clearance for $39.99 and I had received a $20 gift card to Ross for Christmas from a friend, which made my out of pocket cost $19.99. WHOOO! 

Did I mention it was about 15 degrees outside? I scored this dress from New York and Company right after Christmas for 70% off which made the grand total $11.89! I LOVE DEALS! 

I also received a Michael Kors tote/handbag from my parents that is just gorgeous! It has the signature MK all over it with two vertical brown sequin stripes on it! I didn't catch a picture of it but I am sure it will show up on here sometime soon!

And last but certainly not least, Nathan gave me a promise ring for Christmas. It is a white gold infinity ring, which I had wanted for a while so props to him :) Thanks, babe. I love it and you!

How was your Christmas? Did you receive anything special? If so, I would love to hear about it! 


2 comments on "Christmas Delight"
  1. Oh, I love your outfit!!! That coat is amazing and what steal!! That color looks great on you:) Also, real pearls and a promise ring?! You did pretty well this Christmas, I'd say. Seriously, that is so sweet of your parents and boyfriend. These are things you'll have forever and will always be able to look back on. Happy 2015 and enjoy your last week of break!

  2. I just found your blog and have been reading through some of your posts!! I absolutely LOVE these photos. They are so beautiful!!! I went to school in Kansas City! I'm from Missouri but live in Utah now with my husband. Where do you go to school? I went to Rockhurst! :) So excited to have found your blog. (


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