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Quotes that Currently Inspire Me

Jan 12, 2015
Good morning!

Today is my last first day of the semester for my junior year! Only 3 more semesters to go! Whoo! 

Lately life has been a little stressful, from being out of my routine, getting ready for school again, trying to get back into a routine, and my emotions have been EVERYWHERE for the last two weeks. With all the stress and school coming up, I thought I would share 3 quotes that are currently inspiring me right now!

1)- This needs to be my daily reminder right now with my emotional state haha. 

2)-This one is such a classic and I end up doing this very often!

3)- This is one I keep telling myself over and over. That no matter what is going on currently, there is always wonderful joy ahead.

What are some of the things that currently inspire you?

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