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5 St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Mar 16, 2015
Today I am going back to school. Spring break was too short :(
I am here to share 5 St. Patrick's Day ideas with you all!

We usually don't do anything special for St. Patty's day but this year my mom is having a Clever Container party so she is making everything green themed!


There are so many options for this one! I love just taking green food coloring and adding it to food. This is a perfect time to make green eggs and ham, green cookies, or using Lucky Charms to make party treats.


St. Patty's Day is the perfect time to make a scavenger hunt for the kids! There is just something magical about chasing the pot of cold at the end of a rainbow. Here is a great option for a scavenger hunt!


This one is a little far-fetched but it is on my bucket list to go to Chicago for St. Patty's day! They turn the river green and there is such a fun atmosphere I'm told!

Isn't this picture gorgeous!? So jealous that Taylor gets to see this all the time!


Another thing to do is to find a local parade and take the kiddos out for some candy! There are lots of festivals to try also! Just don't forget to wear green! No pinches please :)


I love decorating the house for different holidays! My mom and I just scored St. Patty's day decorations at Michael's yesterday for 50% off! Whoo! I love checking Dollar Tree too, some of their stuff is really cute and you can't beat that price tag! This is an awesome printable that I may be putting up later!

What are your plans for St. Patrick's Day? Doing anything unique or exciting?

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