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Birthdays Past

Apr 1, 2015
It's April and that means it's officially my birthday month! Yay! I am going to be 20 next week so expect a few different birthday posts coming. Today I thought I would take you way back to a few previous birthdays.

This one is right around my first birthday, probably not exactly because my awesome brother, John, gave me the chicken pox for my first birthday. Way to go!

This is lucky #2 and boy was I happy with my (I'm not even sure what that is) but I saved you the pictures of me getting my first big girl bed and showing the world my tights with my legs in the air. Hahaha.

Oh and this brings us to 4, don't ask me where 3 is because I have no idea! Look at those sleeves! Please tell me they aren't making a comeback anytime soon. I seriously did not want to smile but my mom was making me but, not gonna lie, I loved that Barbie cake and apparently my love for yellow started early!

I'm hoping to be a bit more photogenic this upcoming birthday! Do you have any awesome pictures from your birthdays?

3 comments on "Birthdays Past"
  1. Yay!! Happy almost birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! All these pictures are so cute!!

  3. So sweet! My birthday month too but I've got a couple decades on ya! LOL


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