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Guest Blog: Cupcakes & Sunshine

May 22, 2015
How to Get the Most Out of Your Staycation

Hello! My name is Haley and I blog over at

I’m so excited to guest blog for Jenna today! 

Now that it is warm and sunny, I thought it would be really fun to share some of my favorite “staycation” ideas for you to do this summer.
A “staycation” allows you to explore your town or city without leaving your local area. They are my favorite because you do things you normally wouldn’t do...right at home! (& they can save you a bit of $$ since the travel costs are quite minimal!) 

Here are a few tips for getting the best out of your staycation experiences and to be a tourist in your own city: 

1. Visit new restaurants in your area. One of my favorite things to do is make a “bucket list” restaurant list of local eats. I am a student at the University of Georgia and Athens has a bustling and booming food scene. This summer, I plan on checking lots of new restaurants off of my list.

2. Search for deals and ideas on Groupon. I have purchased dance classes, massage passes, and art tutorials on Groupon and they have all been wonderful! Groupon sometimes has 70% off deals for to-do’s in your area. It is one of my favorite staycation tools! 

3. Looking for an activity that doesn’t cost a lot of money? Pack a themed picnic and head to your closest park. Some fun themes include: 

-Beach Party Picnic: Pack goldfish, tunafish “sand”wiches, lemonade with mini umbrellas, and sand pail pudding 

-Party in the USA Picnic: Red, white, and blue paper straws, watermelon slices, and festive fruit kabobs 

-A “Book”nic: Pack snacks that feature your favorite books! I know Jenna is a big fan of Harry Potter. (Me too!)  What about a Harry Potter picnic
Bertie Bott’s Jellybeans, Potion Punch, and pumpkin pastries. Of course, bring your books along for reading! 

4. Wake up early and see the sunrise. This may take a little bit of research in your own city to see what time the sun rises, but it is a beautiful staycation activity you won’t forget! 

5. Rest & relax at your favorite coffee shop. Try a new latte, bring a favorite book, people watch. A trip to the coffee shop is a great experience on a summer day. 

Looking for more ideas? Head over to Cupcakes and Sunshine to check out more travel tips, recipes, and summer fun! Thanks for letting me share Jenna! :) 

A note from Jenna: Haley is a part of our Bloggish community and we are doing a guest blog loop. You can find her blogging at her blog Cupcakes and Sunshine. Today I will be blogging at Something Gold, Something Blue so head on over there and follow the loop! 
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