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Cameron Airshow

Jun 29, 2015
Happy Monday y'all! I must say I had such a fun and busy weekend that I am worn out this morning! Especially since I played 2 1/2 hours of intense basketball with some friends and family yesterday!

On Saturday I had the privilege of volunteering and enjoying the Cameron Airshow. Many of you might have heard about this airshow on the news this weekend since there was an awful tragedy that happened. I obviously didn't enjoy that part but everything else was a fun time.

In the morning before it opened up.

I was there at 8 am to start volunteering and the pilots were starting to get into their planes to start warming up and getting a feel for the weather. It was such a beautiful day! It was 80 with a slight breeze and literally perfect weather. I had VIP passes to the event since the doctor I shadow is one of the major sponsors. So I was running the VIP section as part of my volunteering. I just had to sit by the entrance and make sure you had a pass before coming in. I had an umbrella to help keep the sun off me which also made it more enjoyable.

The airshow started around 12:30 and we were about an hour in when the tragedy happened. A pilot was doing some fun tricks and was doing a corkscrew when the engine cut out on the spiral downward. He crashed behind a tree line and there was emergency vehicles and crews on site so they responded very quickly. The life flight helicopter was at the airshow already and they life-flighted the pilot to the nearest hospital and unfortunately the pilot ended up passing. The airshow was canceled until the night show.

My parents ended up going to the airshow again on Sunday for the day show since we had VIP passes which makes everything free and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Congressman Sam Graves was there flying one of his planes and there was a comedic pilot/show too which was fun! It is really cool to see the planes just start spinning and twirling in the air!

Have you ever been to an airshow? They are definitely a fun time!

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  1. Airshows are fun! But we don't have any around me here in Orange County, CA :( Have a good day, Jenna! -xx


  2. How cool you were at the air show! I was so sad to hear about what happened there though :(


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