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Life Lately | Vol. 2

Jun 23, 2015
Oh goodness y'all! It has been forever since I blogged last. This summer has kept me busy, busy, busy! BUT I am here to update y'all on life lately.

I have been job shadowing different physicians at a local hospital for the past couple weeks trying to get all my hours in before applying to medical schools. My favorite specialty is emergency medicine so far. I love that it is fast paced and you have to multitask well - which I am very good at. I am just a shadow so I can't touch anything but it is still a wonderful learning experience. One of my least favorite things is surgery. I would probably like it better if I could be closer and able to see better but, I have to stay back so I don't break the sterile field.

I got my hair done a couple weeks ago too and I LOVE it! I really needed something different and my hairdresser, Whitnie, hooked me up! I have gotten tons of compliments on it.

Nathan and I have been able to go to a museum and out to one of the restaurants on Our List. I am going to be posting about that soon in its own post. I have also led a team of 2nd and 3rd graders in our church's VBS, watched two of my best friends get engaged, and spent lots of time with friends and family. 

This past Saturday though Nathan had the opportunity to open for Matthew West, a Grammy nominated contemporary Christian artist. He did such a wonderful job and I am one PROUD girlfriend! He had t-shirts and EP's for sale at the concert and he had a lot of support in sales too. He is so excited to see what the future holds for him in music and in schooling. I was so happy that my cousin, Rebeka or just Beka, was able to be there for the concert to as she is heading to Nicaragua for a master's class this week. Overall, it was such a fun experience and Matthew West is amazing in concert! I highly recommend seeing him live someday! Oh he is really nice too - the first picture is Matthew West and I.

(The lighting made Nathan look like a blob :( )

And that has been life lately! It has been crazzzyy! My parents were in Ohio last week because my grandfather wasn't doing well and was in the hospital. I will be dog sitting for Beka while she is gone too! I will be heading to Ohio the first week in July and I take the MCAT July 18th. Which reminds me that I REALLY need to be studying. Eeek! If y'all could say a quick prayer for me, that'd be wonderful!

Has your life been this crazy busy recently!?

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