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Effortless Healing

Aug 10, 2015

Hey there! Happy Monday! Today I am here to tell you about this awesome book! I was looking at Blogging for Books- an awesome website, you should check it out- when my mom saw this book and told me to get it. So I did and she read it and now she is here to review it for me and you! I highly recommend you check it out!!

"I have to say that I don’t usually read self-help books but I was intrigued by this book.  What does effortless healing look like and what does that mean exactly?  I have to tell you that this book immediately grabbed my attention!  Every paragraph I read I was just enthralled with the information.  Fact after fact after fact that actually MADE SENSE!  I drove my daughter crazy by reading excerpts from the book constantly.  (I really DID make her mad! Hehe)

The cover of the book states 9 Simple Ways to Sidestep Illness, Shed Excess Weight, and Help Your Body Fix Itself.  I thought to myself  “Oh, this is another book that tells me to change my life in radical ways and I won’t be able to do it!”  I was really surprised because these are really 9 Simple Ways to make changes in your life that are DOABLE!  No, I know you are thinking the same thing!  Really, they are simple!

The very first Simple Way to Help your body fix itself is to drink pure water!  How simple is that?! Dr. Mercola doesn’t tell you to just to do it but he goes beyond that to give you the information about WHY you need to drink pure water.  The major symptoms of dehydration are thirst, dry skin, dark colored urine and fatigue.  I can tell you that I alone have at least 3 of these right now as I sit here writing this.  If you are a soda drinker he explains what is in soda and what each ingredient can do to your body.   The question I had is what is pure water and he goes into detail of what is in our tap water and why everyone needs some sort of filtration system. 

This book just captivates you and you just want to put every one of the 9 Simple Ways into effect.  Easy things like exercising the RIGHT way instead hours and hours of repetitive movements, and eating butter!  Who doesn’t like butter, right?!  Good sleep and laughter are also prescribed in this book. 

Do you have questions about sugar? The questions that I had before reading this book were “Is sugar bad for you and what about the alternatives?  What are they doing to my health? Which sugar substitute is the most natural? Should I use them at all?”.  I can tell you that every time I read any type of article they would tell you to use this sugar substitute over another type and then the next article would tell me not to consume that one over another!  Dr. Mercola explains some of the dangers that are associated with artificial sugars and actually gives you a chart of Sweeteners to Avoid and Better Choices.  The charts are one of the things I love about this book.  It doesn’t tell you to NEVER have something again but rather to avoid some and how to just make a better choice. 

Let’s talk about your gut health.  You may be asking yourself “What about it?”  I’ve been doing a lot of research on this issue for about 6 months.  Our bodies function best when the gut flora is optimized.  The chapter on “Let Your Gut Flourish” is must read.  I can’t even begin to tell you the importance of this chapter. 

I was impressed by the writing style in this book.  A lot of books I read similar to this book make me so bored and sleepy.  This book was the exact opposite;  I just wanted to keep reading and reading.  I can tell you that is a first for me in a self-help book.  He has a way with making complex medical information into words that the regular person like me and you can understand.

I really can’t stress enough how important I think this book is for everyone to read and even if you only put into practice one or two of the items he mentions for Effortless Healing you are a WINNER!  I plan on implementing a couple of items right away and adding the others in as I make each change into a habit.

Dr. Mercola has a website where he is dedicated to helping people.  If you would like more information on any of the items mentioned in the book you can find them and more at www.mercola.com."

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.  All opinions are my own (and my mom's).

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  1. Sounds like a great book! Someone else was just telling me about drinking only pure water...so it really must work! :)



  2. Sounds like a great book! I haven't heard of it before!


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