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Sep 23, 2015
Happy Wednesday Y'all!

So I always feel like I am saying life has been crazy and that is why I haven't posted. And let's be honest it really is, but I also get trapped in things like school and Netflix when I could be using my time more wisely. If you would say a prayer for me to be more intentional with my time, I would absolutely love that! 

A couple weeks ago Nathan and I went to an apple orchard to celebrate September and the 70 degree fall weather. Don't worry that hasn't lasted, it is back up to the 80's. We started the day off going to a little place called Roxanne's Cafe for breakfast. The service was quick and our waitress was so nice, she really treated us like family. Nathan even commented on how close she was standing to me like I was someone she knew and not a complete stranger. I love small town places like these so much! The genuine people are what really make a place shine.

We headed to Alldredge Orchards next and let me tell you, this place is so cute! If you live in the KC area at all, check this place out! They had a barn with homemade salsas, jams, and butters, fall/autumn decor, Halloween decor, fresh honey, fresh apples already in bags, and some really awesome smelling candles. We picked up a couple buckets and headed out to the orchard to pick some Royal Empire apples. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we loved trying to find the best ones to pick. 

After we went and paid for our apples, we saw that they were selling chicken and goat feed for 25 cents a cup. The chickens are free-range and there were little kids all around them, so we opted for the goat feed. With 2 cups each we trekked over to the goats to feed them. Their mouths tickled and made my hand a little slobbery but they were cute nonetheless.  

Our last stop was the Orchard bakery to grab a fresh caramel apple. Boy was it good! The caramel was so thick, fresh, and chewy! It got stuck in my teeth multiple times, I know I wasn't very lady-like at times! Ha! They had fresh sugar cookies, apple pie, apple cake, pumpkin squares, and many other treats to eat. Good thing I was full from the cafe or I would have ate much more than the caramel apple!

Oh and do you see my new booties?! They are a steal from TJMaxx! In LOVE!
This was definitely a perfect way to spend an almost-fall Saturday! 
Have you ever been to an orchard? What is your favorite memory from one? I would love to hear all about it!

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  1. Looks like such a fun day! And yes, please on that carmel apple!! -xx



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