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Europe Part 1 | Germany

Nov 3, 2015
If you caught Monday's post, you might have heard me mention that I went on a study abroad trip over fall break. I am taking a course called Of Hope and Horror: The Literary and Psychological Effects of the Holocaust and the class itself was based around a 10 day trip to Germany and Poland.

While we were there we toured many concentration camps and did things relating to the Holocaust but, we did have free time to just enjoy ourselves. Germany is such a beautiful country and I had such a wonderful time touring Nuremberg! I used my phone for all the pictures I took so I didn't have to carry a camera with me in my backpack.

We first flew from KC to Atlanta and then did the international flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam. We then had a layover and then flew to Nuremberg. At this point, it was 11 pm to us but it was 6 am in Germany where we were. We couldn't go to sleep so we did what any sane people do...a 2 1/2 hour WALKING tour of the old city part of Nuremberg.

Since 90% of Nuremberg was destroyed in WWII, it has all been rebuilt, but it has been rebuilt to the same appearance of before the war. The buildings are absolutely beautiful and there is so much history there.

The next day we toured the Nazi Documentation Center and the Nazi Party Rally Grounds. It was crazy to see all the things that Hitler had built and was planning to build. I got to stand in the place where Hitler stood to deliver famous speeches. It was a crazy feeling, it was cool but it gave me that sick to my stomach feeling all at the same time.

The next day we went to the town of Dachau in the morning and toured Dachau Concentration Camp in the afternoon. The town of Dachau is absolutely beautiful and the palace and palace gardens are breath-taking. The day after that we did some shopping and our last day we toured the Nuremberg Trials Courtroom and then headed to Munich for our flight early in the morning!

Oh and did I mention that I bought Harry Potter in German? I have so many more pictures and I could say so much more too, but I will just leave it where it is. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series about my time in Poland, another wonderful country!

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  1. Wow, what an amazing opportunity! I love all of these pictures. Super cool about the Harry Potter book too!



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