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Friday Faves

Nov 6, 2015
Oh Hey Friday! I am so glad you are finally here!


The Kansas City Royals won the 2015 World Series! SO proud of those boys in blue! What a great time to be from KC.

(can't find original source)


Oh and did I mention that school was canceled all across the KC area for the Royals' celebration and parade? Because it was! No anatomy test for me on Tuesday, it was postponed until Thursday! There was over 800,000 people who came out for the Royals' celebration parade on Tuesday. It was so amazing! I could not be more proud to be from KC!!

can't find original source- this was shared all over Facebook


This is me after 3 exams and a paper this week...and it isn't even close to finals :(


I am getting my first Stitch Fix next Friday! I am so excited! If you don't know what Stitch Fix is I highly recommend checking them out! This is one of my outfits on my Stitch Fix board on Pinterest.


Nathan's birthday is this weekend y'all! We are going out tonight to celebrate just the two of us and then spending time with his family after church on Sunday. So excited to spend some quality time with him! This picture was from my birthday this past April!

What are some of your Friday Favs??

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  1. Wow, the pic of the fans is INSANE!! I've never seen anything like it!



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