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Olay Active Botanicals

Nov 4, 2015
Have you ever dreaded washing your face because it was going to take too long or whatever else? I have to admit, I am terrible at consistently washing my face. Eeek! I love my face wash I usually use but I am always up for trying new things. So when the Olay Active Botanicals refreshing gel cleanser showed up at my house I was dying to try it.

The cleanser has snow mushroom extract and provides glowing skin. It is a clear liquid that foams a lot and goes on your face very smoothly. There is no grit to it and it is not for exfoliation- which my current face wash is all exfoliation. It goes on white and turns clear as it soaks in/dries and when you wipe it off your face feels very clean and refreshed.

I was pleasantly surprised with this wash, my face didn't feel super dry after like most gel cleansers make me feel. I am definitely going to be adding this to my beauty routine. If you are in the market for a different face wash, I definitely recommend trying this!

I was sent this product for testing purposes; all opinions are my own.

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