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Stitch Fix #1

Nov 16, 2015
Good morning everyone! What better way to start the week than with a Stitch Fix review, actually my first Stitch Fix review!

Stitch Fix is a personal stylist service based online. You sign up and fill out an extensive style profile online and then every month- or however often you want it- you are sent 5 items that potentially fit your style. I know that the stylists try their best to match each item with your personality and style profile. You can even link up your style Pinterest board to your profile to help them! A new feature is being able to write your stylist a note and tell them of any upcoming events or occasions that you would like items for. They charge a $20 styling fee- but it is applied to your order in the end. If you don't end up buying any of the 5 items, the $20 is kept as a fee. If you buy 1 item say for $50 then your styling fee is applied to that and you would pay $30 at checkout. If you buy all 5 items you receive a 25% discount on the purchase.

Crescent Marietta Dress in Navy

There were so many great things about this dress but there was also plenty I didn't like. I absolutely loved the silhouette and the neckline the most. I love how the lace looks but, I am not a fan of it all over the top. I really don't like wearing strapless bras because they never fit me well and, I am always adjusting them so I wasn't too keen on that.  I also know that wearing a strapless bra and that material is not fun because I have in the past. All in all, super cute but a no go.

Loveappella Caracas Stitch Detail Knit Top

This top was cute but, very thin and very see through. The stitching on this top was unique and I liked that but for the price I wasn't sold. I ended up sending the top back.

Just Black Adorra Skinny Jeans

Okay so let me just say, these jeans are so comfortable! I absolutely loved the material as soon as I put them on. My only reservations on these were that they were a little long on me, even too long to do a cuff that looks remotely good and the $88 price tag. As a poor college student, that was a frightening number! Ultimately, I sent them back,  but I am open to spending that much on a pair of jeans that fit extremely well and I love!

Look by M Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf

I love love loved this scarf and things just like it because I actually bought one just like it this past week! My stylist had no idea about that and there would have been no way for her to know. So this obviously was sent back.

Skies are Blue Wynelle Dress

I absolutely love this dress and it is the one thing I am keeping from this fix. It is perfect for me to wear to my friends' wedding this upcoming weekend! I love the hints of gold in it and the silhouette is one of my favorites!

If you haven't checked out Stitch Fix, I highly recommend you check it out especially if you hate shopping! This is a perfect alternative to shopping, but I love shopping so this is just an added bonus.

2 comments on "Stitch Fix #1"
  1. How fun! Love the dress you decided to keep!

  2. Everything looked great on you, but I definitely hear you about not wanting to wear a strapless bra! The dress you did keep looks so fantastic! Hope the wedding was fun!!


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