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2016 Bucket List

Jan 13, 2016
Happy hump day y'all! I'm halfway done with my first week of my last semester and boy I'm ready for it to be over already! Senior-itis at its finest- owning it! (Thanks Elise!)

Today I am sharing my 2016 Bucket List, okay so you know how I shared all about that amazing planner yesterday? Well there is a section at the beginning for a bucket list! How cool is that!? I have a bucket list on Pinterest already for the most part but this was nice to write down things I would love to accomplish THIS year.

If I don't complete all of them, oh well, but I am going to try my best to do it all. We have what- 353 (leap year) days left this year. Let's make the most of them and live life to the fullest! Can you tell that I am excited for this year? There are so many changes happening in 2016!

So here we go:

Do more yoga and try hot yoga
Learn to knit or crochet
Go ice-skating
Have professional photos taken of Nathan and I
Travel more!
Own a DSLR camera
Own all 3 Naked Palettes
Go on a girls' vacation
Do 3 5K Runs with my mom
Have a real spa day
Create a family cookbook for myself
Go to a drive-in movie
Learn how to play poker
Go zip-lining
Make a scrapbook of my relationship
Go to Cedar Point with Nathan
And most of all: to design a life I love in 2016

What are some of the things you are wanting to do in 2016? Do you have a bucket list?

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  1. Sounds like a great list! You must try hot yoga.. it is amazing!!


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