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Favorite Things to do in Winter

Jan 19, 2016
Okay so the holidays are over and winter is still here, so what is left to do? If you can't figure it out either, here are some of my favorite things to do in winter that are not based around the holidays!

Go sledding
Play in the snow
Make a snowman
Indoor game night with friends
Make cookies
Watch a movie by the fire with hot drinks
Go to the movies (nice indoor activity)
Watch NBA games GO Cavs!
Visit friends or family that you didn't see during the holidays
Read by the fire with hot chocolate with LOTS of marshmallows
Karaoke night
Get a relaxing massage celebrating that you survived the holidays
Send out your Christmas thank you cards
Catch up on any TV shows or movies you wanted to watch- don't forget the blankets

These are a few of my favorite things to do in winter! What are some of yours??

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