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Purposeful Planner

Jan 12, 2016
My new planner is absolutely amazing y'all. As someone who is super type-A, you know, loves to be organized and have a plan,  my planner is my go to thing.

This beauty is the Purposeful Planner by Corie Clark and let me tell you, she knocked it out of the park. I love that she is Christian for one but the whole role of this planner is to plan with purpose.

There is a section for goals and how you will reach them. I'm talking the 10 year goal down to the 1 year goals and what you need to be doing at every step to reach those goals. I love being able to visualize what my goals are and how to reach them, it makes them seem very attainable and not a far off dream. I shared my 2016 goals and another section of the planner yesterday.

I have the daily version of the planner but it also comes in a weekly version and a couple different colors. This is not a sponsored post, just wanted to share so that others could fall in love with it too! Each month starts out with a full month spread. The next 4 pages are full of monthly goodies! It starts out with a budget, a meal planner, a master task list, and a blank page for your dreams and goals for that month.

The daily sheets are my favorite. They start off with an inspirational quote or a piece of scripture to help motivate you for the day. There is a section to say "3 things I will do today", a health section, 8 glasses of water checklist, a 15 minute task and, a section for daily prayer and praise. The prayer and praise is one of the many things that made me fall in love with this planner.

There is the main section for your daily schedule and to the right of that there are places for brain dump, retail therapy, and menu planner. The retail therapy is nice to plan what you need to pick up at the store or plan a special purchase.

I highly recommend you check this planner out for next year! It is absolutely wonderful and has all I could ask for in a planner. The whole premise behind the planner is to plan with purpose and that is exactly what I intend to do this year!

What about you? Do you have a favorite planner or do you not plan at all?

5 comments on "Purposeful Planner"
  1. This is amazing!!! Did you buy in a boutique or can I order it online?

  2. Hi Melanie! Thanks for stopping by! You can purchase them online at http://corieclarkshop.com/collections/all Since they are so popular, a lot of them have sold out but there are a few options still available!

  3. This is so pretty!! I'm a super planner to a fault..so this is beyond perfect for me too :)



  4. This is so pretty!! I'm a super planner to a fault..so this is beyond perfect for me too :)




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