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Stitch Fix #3

Feb 11, 2016
Hey y'all! This weekend I got my 3rd Stitch Fix box and let me tell you, they did great this round!

If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, check out this post! It will tell you all about it! My stylist did a pretty great job this round except for once piece everything was pretty good. I think the stylist I had this month forgot or didn't see that I am 5'9" and she sent me a dress that was waaaayyyy too short! It sure was cute though!

Papermoon Sarn Tie Neck Blouse in Pink size M

I loved everything about this top as soon as I pulled it out of the box! It was such a great color and I love the tie neck/ bow at the top. I have a couple other shirts in this material and they are perfect for spring and summer. This top will get a lot of use in the upcoming months!

Verdict: Kept it!

Pixley Alicia Printed Pencil Skirt in Black size M

I loved the pattern of this skirt right off the bat, but I wasn't so sure about the material and how thin it was. Once I put it on I was pleasantly surprised about the length and how the skirt looked on me. However, I was not a fan of how thin the skirt was. It was not forgiving around my waist and I would definitely have to wear a shirt that covers if I was going to wear it in the future. I liked it but I didn't love it all.

Verdict: Returned it!

Skies are Blue Lowry Open Cardigan in Black size M

This cardigan is amazing! It is oversized, chunky, and wonderful all wrapped up into one cardigan! It has an aztec pattern right down the middle of the back and a little bit on the shoulders. It is so warm and very, very comfortable. This piece will get a lot of wear also!

Verdict: Kept it!

Zad Evina Spade Fringe Pendant Neckalce in Silver

Loved everything about this necklace! My mom did too and she actually decided to get it for the both of us! You can really see it in the picture right above, it has silver fringe that comes off the pendant.

Verdict: Kept it!

Loveappella Annora Knit Dress in Black size M

Like I said previously, this dress was just way too short! When I walked or lifted my arms at all, the dress would rise up and show my butt! The fabric was great, it was so soft and I loved the pattern. Overall, it wasn't a dress for me.

Verdict: Returned it!

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What did you guys think? Have you ever tried Stitch Fix?

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