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Easter Weekend 2016

Mar 28, 2016
Easter was such a whirlwind for me this year! It feels like it came and went so fast- anyone else feel this way?! 

My mom, SIL-Molley, and I decided to do the Easter musical this year at our church. We started 12 weeks ago learning 8 songs for the show. I forgot how hard it is to do a show and be in school at the same time. The last show I was in was 3 years ago in my senior year of high school, but now being in college, the hard-ness is at a whole new level! Not to mention my LAST semester of undergrad! Eek! 

Since I am one of our Worship Leaders at my church, I was chosen along with our other female WL to lead half of the songs and do narration. We did two shows this year- Saturday night and Sunday morning! We had such a great turn out and the musical was a hit! 

Nathan and I still had to play/sing for the early service at church so we were able to get dressed up in our Sunday best! I love my new Easter dress! The scalloped neckline was so pretty (of course you can't see it in this picture)!

After church I went home and had an amazing Easter lunch with my family and hung out for a couple hours. I headed up to Nathan's for dinner and spent time with his family! His grandma had an Easter egg hunt set up for us and everything! We ended the evening with watching the movie Now You See Me. 

But now, it's Monday, and I am sitting here writing this recap avoiding homework and trying not to think of the paper and test I have this week! Say a prayer for me y'all! 

How did you spend Easter?

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