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21st Birthday

Apr 19, 2016
My 21st birthday was April 9th and I am just now getting some down time to recap it for y'all! It was really laid back and was perfect! I didn't go out and do anything crazy- that's just not my thing.

The day started with my mom and I heading to a friend's house to have a meeting with Dr. John (a corporate guy in DoTerra essential oils). It was really great to meet him and talk about the oils and how they work. As many of you know, I am a biology major studying to eventually go to medical school so I was interested in the mechanisms behind how the oils really work! I pretty much knew everything already but, it was great to just have my knowledge verified. If you ever have any questions about them, let me know! I got a diffuser for my room too which was pretty great!

My mom and I then went to get our nails done. We started with pedicures and ended with the new dipping powder/acrylic nails. The dipping powder is ideal for people like me who can't wear normal polish because my nails themselves flake and the polish just chips off with them. I chose this pretty almost robin's egg blue which I thought was perfect for spring. (snapchat pictures)

The dipping powder application is pretty quick and easy! I would recommend it anyone who has trouble with nail polish chipping off, it is definitely more durable in that respect. My only dislike is that it is a little thick and I have chipped some because I am not used to the thickness.

My mom and I headed home and I waited for Nathan to come over while my mom helped my dad with some things. I got to watch some Fixer Upper, one of my favorite tv shows. (Side note: Chip and JoJo = goals!)

Nathan and I went out to grab my birthday Starbucks and head to Ross Dress for Less to kill some time before dinner. $80 later...whoops...we headed back to the house to get dressed up for dinner. Nathan took me to downtown KC to eat at Lidia's which is this fancy schmancy Italian restaurant. Of course I forgot to take pictures of the actual food but I had the pasta trio of the day and Nathan had the seafood soup. Seriously amazing! I tried my first glass of wine, a white Riesling, and after I learned how to actually drink it, it was pretty good.

We ended the night with cake and cupcakes with ice cream in the center. I absolutely love cake so much like waaayyy too much! Anyone else agree?!

I absolutely loved all of my presents too! My family and friends are some of the most kind people there are! My parents got me a KC Royals jersey, the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, and a Happy Birthday wine glass. Nathan bought me MAC Russian Red lipstick (which I wore out to dinner) and some ear jackets from Charlotte Russe. My brother and SIL (John and Molley) got me a 4 pack of mini moscato wines and tickets to see Beauty and the Beast (on Broadway) at Starlight theater this July!

This birthday was one of the best and super laid back which I loved! It will definitely go into the books as one of my favorites! Do you have a favorite birthday?

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