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10+ Apps Every Blogger Needs

May 26, 2016

Cell phones these days are our life lines and as bloggers they really can help our business out if we use them correctly. I can't even tell you how much these apps have helped me out. So without further adieu here are 10 apps that every blogger needs!

Let's start with social media apps- these are pretty much self explanatory to me.

1. Facebook (Android | Apple)

2. Twitter (Android | Apple)

3. Pinterest (Android | Apple)

4. Instagram (Android | Apple)

5. Snapchat (Android | Apple)

Photo editing/ Collage making

6. Snapseed - Sorry iPhones - this is made by Google so this is an Android only option. It's a great photo editing app that has sliders for each basic option like brightness, saturation, etc. It also shows each layer you add to the photo and you can go back easily. It also has filters to give the photo another look. (Android)

7. Photoshop Express- Photo editor that links up to Creative Cloud if you have an account. They also have a free section where you can use basic photo editing. This app is filled with different looks/filters, sliders, red eyes, frames, and has an entire section for blemish removal. (Android | Apple)

8. Pixlr - I love this for collage making especially but it has all the makings for a photo editing app too! Lots of sliders, overlays, filters, effects, borders, texts, and stickers. (Android | Apple)

Planning Posts

9. Any.do- This is my favorite to-do list app. You can set a to-do list by day, time of day, move things around, set reminders, and it is always active in your task menu. (Android | Apple)

10. Docs/Drive- I write all my blog post ideas in the Google Docs app and I drag every photo and item I need off my phone into my Google Drive for my blog. Then all I have to do is go into my Drive on my computer and pull them up. Putting pictures in my blog posts is simple and easy now that I have switched to Drive. (Docs- Android | Apple  Drive - Android | Apple) (You could also use the Apple Cloud or notes system of your choice, I just do what works for me! :) )

Scheduling Posts/ Newsletters

11. Buffer- This app lets you schedule and publish all of your social media posts. The alternative is number 12. This is a great time saver and doesn't make you worry about getting your posts out. (Android | Apple)

12. Hootsuite- Just like Buffer you can schedule and publish your social media posts. Each app has different pricing plans that work for what you want. (Android | Apple)

13. Mail Chimp- This lets you work on your campaigns, letters, lists, reports and automations. You can even send out a newsletter from your phone which is great if you are not around a computer. (Android | Apple)

14. Whitagram- I LOVE this app. It takes any picture and scales it to a Instagram sized picture without cutting it down. It is how I fit full sized pictures on my feed and how they have white sides. This is a must have for me!  (Android | Apple)

What are some of the apps that you can't live without? Blogging or non-blogging apps- I'm always on the lookout for new things!!

2 comments on "10+ Apps Every Blogger Needs"
  1. Thanks so much for this list! I've been looking for a great app for scheduled posts... will definitely check these out! Thanks again!

  2. Great list. There more try to learn, the lesson I know! ha. These apps will help.


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