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Friday Faves

May 20, 2016

Oh Friday! Hey, so glad to see you!

My Friday favorites post is not covering this last week- it is covering the last couple weeks! There has been so much going on I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and write. BUT I am making time now and that's what counts!

First off, WHOO HOO!! My new logo and site are up!! I am so excited for it!!! There are a few kinks  that still need to be worked out- like the size of the slider- but all in all I LOVE it!!

Nathan and I attended the Cameron Area Chamber of Commerce Banquet. His mom is the VP and it was Gatsby themed so of course we went! I loved getting dressed up and my friend Micha did my hair for me.

We got a PUPPY! Meet Moose! He is 16 weeks currently but we got him at 12 weeks. He is a Yorkie and a little fireball- so so so happy! We are working on potty training, nipping at hands since he's teething, and playing lots and lots.

I took my last final ever and GRADUATED! ICYMI: check this post out!

We gave our dining room a major makeover! It took forever since we had some set backs (I'm looking at you chair rail that left holes in the drywall) but we got it done finally! We absolutely love it!

My Momma (mom-maw), Aunt Patti, and my other set of grandparents have all visited within the last two weeks which was so nice! We did plenty of shopping and eating I can tell you that.
Mother's Day was filled with fun! We had church in the morning and exchanged cards/gifts over eating left over BBQ from my graduation party. We ended the night with breakfast at Perkins and some family photos.

Nathan and I celebrated 4 years of dating on the 9th which is so amazing! You might have saw that on Insta already though!

What are some of your favorite things from the past couple weeks??

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3 comments on "Friday Faves"
  1. aww this is awesome my friend! so glad i came across your blog in the link up! happy friday!

  2. I absolutely love what you did with your dinning room! It's looks awesome! Congratulations on your graduation! Have a great weekend.

  3. Aww, Moose is a doll! I love your blog design, and congrats on graduating!!!!!

    By the way, I co-host a Friday linkup called High Five for Friday. We'd love it if you linked up with us tomorrow--the linkup goes live at 8 am eastern time.



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