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June Goals

Jun 2, 2016
June is here and to me that means summer has officially started! I have some awesome goals for June and I'm going to try to accomplish as many as I possibly can.

1. Rock the MCAT
I take the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) June 18th and the score I get on it can determine which school I get into! I am studying for it but I need all the prayers I can get as my motivation is not the best.

2. Submit my medical school applications
I want this to be done as soon as it can be so I don't have to worry about it the rest of the summer and I can work on secondary applications as they come in.

3. At least 3 date nights
I would love to go on a double date with a friend and her new boyfriend and have a couple date nights for just the two of us. Prioritizing "us" time is very important.

4. Have lunch with 2 girlfriends
Just like prioritizing time with Nathan is important, I also think that making time to make connections with your friends is important too.

5. To be blogging more consistently
So far, I have been achieving this but my plan is to continue to do so and to grow my blog!

6. Take control of my food and to workout 2x a week
I don't want to be controlled by my food and cravings. I want to be able to control what I put into my body and not let junk food rule my life. It tastes so good but it is just so bad.

7. Search & Apply for a job/s 
I have my degree officially and a gap year before medical school so I would like to get a job using my degree somehow. Finding a job for that is the hard part!

8. Read 5 books from my Summer Reading List

9. Set money aside for my trip to Ohio to visit family with Nathan
It is his first time going to Ohio for pleasure, he went last summer for my grandfather's funeral, and we are so excited to go to Cedar Point and spend time out on the boat. We have tons of plans already and I'm so pumped!

What are some of your goals for the month of June?
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