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Splurge vs. Steal: Cover Ups

Jun 13, 2016

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Cover ups are a must for summer and spending time at the pool or beach. I mean, I don't want to get my normal clothes wet and usually they are too heavy when water gets on them. So that is where a good cover up comes in! They are also a must for travel! A cute cover up can make you feel great on your way to the water! These are some of my favorite splurges and steals in the cover up category. All the steals are less than $40 (YES! $40 or less) and the splurges are $40+.

I am loving rompers and anything with tassels this season so I am super excited to snag a couple of these since I only have one cover up from years ago. I just recently bought #5 on the steals list in white and it is pretty great. It is a little small on me but I am not a twig so that is understandable. It is very lightweight and cute though. I am seriously crushing on #1 and #4 from the steals and pretty much all the splurges.
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Nordstrom's Anniversary sale is coming up so keep an eye on these cover ups! They just might get cheaper and dip into the steal category! I know I will be watching- don't miss out!

Which cover up are you crushing on? Do you splurge or steal usually?
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