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August Goals

Aug 4, 2016
Hey guys! I have been totally MIA for the last like 2 months! I can't even find a good excuse for most of it which is the bad part.

Today I am here to share some of my August goals with y'all. This month they are pretty simple:

1) Find a Job- I need a job. Like really badly. I graduated in May with my Bachelor's of Science but now I am in my gap years before medical school and I need a job. I have applied lots of places but I am not having any luck finding a job unfortunately. Major prayer request right there.

2) Blog- Because let's face it, I haven't been and I seriously miss it. I love all the friends I have in the blog world and it makes me sad when I leave them for a long time. I don't like that I'm not consistent.

3) Workout at least 2x a week- This is a goal that feels very attainable to me. I have been stressed out lately and working out helps relax me. I also want to start on a new health journey and that is one way to kick start it. We are also turning to more healthier foods in our house too!

Well there you have it- short and sweet. Hopefully I will be in a routine by September and I will branch out with my goals. What are some of your goals for August?? Are you excited or sad that summer is coming to an end?

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