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Vacation 2016

Aug 8, 2016

Our first stop on vacation was to Amish country! I can't go visit my Momma without making a trip over to Berlin where all these wonderful places are.  Our first stop of the day was to Hershberger's Farm and Bakery (Charm, Oh, 5 min from Berlin). This was my first time to this place and it was wonderful- there was so many things to do. We decided to go into the leather and antique shop after taking pictures on the big rocking chair. I ended up buying a postcard and some handmade Amish candles. They had a large farm with buggy rides, a large petting zoo (with goats on the roof), bakery, fresh market, and the leather/antique/general "Amish" store. While we decided not to do any of the animal things this trip I know that we will for sure be back!

We then headed over to the Guggisberg Swiss Cheese Factory. The building and the garden was gorgeous but I was a little disappointed in the factory itself. It was smaller than I expected and they only had 5 different samples of cheeses.  The gift shop was combined with the sampling area and it was cramped. This store was NOT stroller friendly- we saw a couple strollers sitting outside- just a warning!

 (my favorite is below)

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Charm and Berlin. There is a wonderful quilt and fabric shop in Charm that the ladies spent way too much time in. The guys (Nathan and my dad) headed over to Keim Lumber- sounds like such a man store, right? It was probably the fanciest lumber store I have ever been in. It had such exquisite wood work all over the store and it was filled with high end models of bathrooms and kitchens that were to die for!

We ate at Boyd and Wurthmann's for lunch which is this little old restaurant that is cash only. I had their roast beef and it was delicious and the portion was large. I didn't take as many pictures as the day went on but I wish I would have. We went into Main Street Fudge and Popcorn which is such a cool store! They had SO many kinds and blends of popcorn along with fudge, candies, and glass bottle sodas. Nathan loves glass bottle sodas so he was in heaven for a while. We ended the day at Tis the Season which is a year round Christmas shop it was now time for me to be in heaven. I LOVE Christmas and it was so wonderful to go there. They were having their Christmas in July sale and I was able to get 5 ornaments with 2 of them personalized for just under $20.

We headed up north the next day and spent some time at the beach checking out the sunset. Nathan found himself a rock-chair and just took it all in for a little while. Over the next couple days we spent a lot of time on the boat and just relaxing on the water. Nathan and I went paddle-boarding one day and we went on a fishing charter too! My parents, Nathan, my grandpa, my cousin Cody, and I went on a trolling Walleye fishing charter on Lake Erie one morning. It was so much fun! We didn't catch many Walleye but we did catch a lot of White Bass and Sheephead. We threw the Sheephead back but we did keep the White Bass.

We started the weekend off with a trip to Jamie's Flea Market and Nathan tried his first Snoogle from Kedrowski's Bakery! They are so good! We then headed to my cousin Heather's graduation party which was great because Nathan was able to meet all of my extended family and was able to spend time with them. Sunday was such a fun time too! Nathan, Momma,  my parents, and I went to Cuyahoga Valley National Park and met my aunt and uncle and cousins there. We hopped on a train for a 3 hour ride with a 4 course breakfast! It was so wonderful, if you are ever in that area I recommend it!

And last but certainly not least, Nathan and I headed to Cedar Point on Monday before we left on Tuesday! One of my childhood best friends and his fiancee met us there and it was such a good day! I have never been to Cedar Point when the lines were short! We only had to wait more than 15 minutes on 2 rides which is unheard of! All in all it was such an amazing vacation!

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