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Oct 14, 2016
Happy Friday y'all! It's so glad to be back at this space! 

Life has been pretty crazy around here recently but oh so good! I feel like I have so much to share with y'all, I'm so excited!  Also, side rant, my Galaxy S5 takes the WORST pictures- I am so excited to be upgrading my phone this next week!!

Last week I went to the National Worship Leader Conference (no pictures- womp womp :( ) BUT be on the lookout for a post about that next week! I learned SO much and I am so excited to start implementing some of the things when I lead worship. There is just something about leading people into worshiping our God that floods me will passion.

After the conference, a couple of friends and I lead worship for our church's youth fall retreat! We spent all day Saturday providing 4 sessions of worship for these youth ages 13-18 and they had small groups, large group times, and breakout sessions with different themes. Some included fasting, worship, missions, evangelism, prayer, etc. My favorite part of the night was having to play Closer by Bethel Music (my FAV!) for at least 35 minutes because the kids were responding to the Holy Spirit and were at the altar praying. We ended the night with Ever Be by Bethel Music which is another one of my favorites!

My mom and I went out earlier this week to have some breakfast for dinner at IHOP and to do blog planning! She just started her blog and only has a few posts up but she is working on getting on a schedule. Check her out at All Heart Hospitality.

I am so thankful for friends that just want to hang out randomly like one of my best friends, Katie. We started with Jimmy John's for lunch, ran some errands with my mom, and then took a walk before we went to Bible study that night. Moose enjoyed that he had a second walk that day and I enjoyed all the girl talk I was able to have with one of my besties!

I'm cutting this week short and heading to Columbia in the morning to spend the weekend with Nathan! We have plans to go to the Pinnacles park, carve pumpkins, roast the pumpkin seeds (so so so good!), and making persimmon jelly! I am so excited to spend some quality time with him and make some new fall memories and maybe start some traditions! What are some of your favorite traditions for fall? I am always looking for new things!!

I hope your week is going well and that you have SO much fun this weekend!

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