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November Goals

Nov 3, 2016

Hey y'all! While it is still early in the month I wanted to post my goals for November! Can you seriously believe that it is already November!? I think October just flew by way too fast! I am so excited for the holiday season (if you need ways to celebrate in KC, check out this post!) I can't wait to see family and do our family traditions and make some new ones since I am not going back to Ohio this year for Christmas.

Okay November goals:

1. Spend time being thankful- I LOVE Christmas, like seriously love it, like started listening to Christmas music 3 weeks ago (owning it!) BUT I don't want to skip November and Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving too but I feel as if it gets pushed to the wayside for Christmas. I  want to make sure I am spending time being thankful and not skipping over such a great holiday.

2. Finish half of my Christmas presents- This year I am doing handmade presents that have quite a few steps to them and with such a large family I am starting early! I already have a few made but it is going to take a lot of time to finishing them so I want to be intentional with my time.

3. Throw my SIL an awesome baby shower on Saturday! She is having the first baby in the family and we are going all out on a camping/woodland creatures themed baby shower. We can't wait to meet little Brock Marcus in January!!

4. Spend as much time as I can with family- this is the first year that we are hosting Thanksgiving for my mom's side of the family. They are all coming out here (except one aunt and uncle) and we are so excited to host them. Be checking out my mom's blog for some of the best holiday hospitality tips!

5. Get family photos taken for Christmas cards- I'm not sure if this one is going to happen but we are sure going to try to get them to! We haven't sent out Christmas cards in a couple years and it makes me so sad!! I love getting other's Christmas cards in the mail!

What are your goals for November/ the start of the holiday season?
1 comment on "November Goals"
  1. Awesome goals! :)

    I plan to finish my first mini E-course this month! :)
    Cheers to having a successful month.


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