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January Goals

Jan 2, 2017
Hey y'all! Happy 2017! 2016 was such a great year in my family and we are all super excited waiting for my nephew (!!!!) in January of this year! Molley, my SIL, is ready to pop and we are all so ready to meet baby Brock! We love you so much B!

I want to share my goals for January as we're already a day in! Tomorrow I will be sharing my 2017 bucket list and resolutions. I started sharing my monthly goals in late 2016 and I have found that I am more likely to get them done if I share them and have someone holding me accountable! So thank y'all so much for that.

1. Apply for jobs and start a full time job

2. Become an aunt and have lots of snuggles with B!

3. Invest in myself with my blog- business cards, connect with a few brands, collaborate with other bloggers.

4. Clean my bedroom and organize it so I don't feel overwhelmed while I'm in there.

5. To go with goal 4, buy bookcases from Ikea to organize better!

6. Finish ALL the laundry I've been putting off.

7. Organize my storage area and buy totes to be more efficient.

8. Set up a craft area in my room since I am getting more into vinyl and scrapbooking,

9. Study for 1 hour, 3 times a week for the MCAT.

10. Spend time just enjoying my family as there will be lots visiting from Ohio to see Brock.

I'm excited for you January- you're the month that is going to make me an aunt, hopefully get me a full-time job, have consistent blogging, and lots and lots of time with family!

What are some of your goals for January? Does sharing a list of goals help you hold accountable? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!
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